Looting in New Orleans..a new low for americans...and why we are minimizing the effec

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. mahram, is that you?

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  2. ^ lol

    If I was stuck in NO and had to feed a family, I'd be looting everything too. First for food, secondly for things to sell as I've already lost my whole livlyhood.
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  3. Its not a black or white thing, its about people looting their own neighborhoods. Making a situation that is already bad even worse because of their actions. Acting like thugs stealing and pillaging. Its wrong. And cut your crap. If it was taking food for your family or medicine anybody in that situation would understand. But when it comes to looting dvd players for god sakes or tvs, yeah those people should be shot. They are wasting valuable man power to police them instead of looking for survivors. I dont care if they are black/white/asian/ or green if they are looting and firing off weopens and acting like armed thug gangs they should be shot on site. No questions.

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  4. i agree. in fact it's just as stupid as focusing on the small guys looting when much bigger fish in suits and ties are getting away with murder. it's just as stupid as practicing your pick up lines on women when you're kinda fat, a little sloppy, acne-riddled, ugly as a dog's bunghole,your breath smells like horseshit, your name is Sam123, aw, fuck it...
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  5. Ok everybody on the board, if during a crisis, and you found a group of thugs, looting your house, and you had a gun, would you not shoot them on site. I would.

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  6. wow, thumbs up for the kin. who would have thought? good post. i am serious.
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  7. yes, i would shoot. something tells me you might live in a convenience store and this whole looting thing is making you very nervous.
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  8. It's an American thing according to your post title... You like to take
    a crap on Americans whenever you get the chance. You must have
    a very boring life...

    And why the F is this dumb thread in Wall St. News might I ask?...:confused:

    I mean really. This is just another dumb stupid anti-American thread
    started by a Canadian... Talk about a new low...
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  9. Are you American?
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  10. i'd hold the door open for 'em, and pad my insurance claim.. which is what all these business owner are gonna do.

    i think the citizenry of New Orleans would be better served if law enforcement helped fish dead bodies out of the submerged buildings and streets, so the that stench, rot, and decaying corpses don't do irreparable damage to the infrastructure and water supply.

    for some reason, i think that's a tad more important that shooting someone stealing a pair or Jordans from Foot Locker.
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