Looting in New Orleans..a new low for americans...and why we are minimizing the effec

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Aug 30, 2005.

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    I suspect most looters ( not of food but Tv's and clothes etc) are the welfare collecting types who had no money to put gas in a car and leave.
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  2. hey, any ETers here down to organize a gang to beat and loot mahram?
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  3. lol
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  4. Bush was in El Mirage, Arizona. Now, if you know anything, nobody comes to the Phoenix area in the summer for vacation.
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  5. I lived in New Orleans for 5 years. It is the most disgusting city in America.

    All those people know is low life behavior. Believe me, those looters for the most part have been stealing all their miserable lives.

    It's going to get ugly too. They should be a good number of them climbing the wall because there dope supply has been disrupted. Crack, Meth mostly. The heat index is forecasted for 105 tomorrow. Give them another day or two to bake in that mess and people are going to start shooting each other.
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  6. lol I got to admit I even laughed at that LOL :D

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    Been to New Orleans a few times. Some parts of town not much different than Haiti.
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  8. yeah but stealing during a crisis where people are dying and suffering, and in your own neighborhood. Its like going to the bathroom in your in den, its disgusting. Its not the looting where you can understand like food and medicine. I can understand getting food to feed your family and getting insulin for your kids, but stealing tv's and dvd players. That is wrong, and should be punished by the deepest level of the law. If the last rung of dante's hell is for traitors, then the next one should be for looters.

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  9. Actually, a lot of people from the Caribbean go there and scam off the government. Central America too. Honduras is common.
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  10. if i was a store owner in new orleans i would instruct the national guard or the police to gut the contents of my store, and donate everything to the best distribution point they have established to give aid to the needy. i agree the contents would all be wasted if not used soon {mainly food items}, so the store owners should have their rights to do with the goods as they see fit. if people are hungry they need to be feed and they need shelter during this period --- actually the city needs a massive forced evacuation for the peoples own good as the situation will only deteriorate going forward. basic infrastructure necessities and security needs to be set back up prior to any population returning to the area.

    new orleans is too dangerous of an area for people to try and live right now --- the city needs to be cleared out for some time to allow an orderly block by block removal of hazards and time to reestablish power/water/sanitation/etc. unfortunately, this is going to take many many months.
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