Looting in New Orleans..a new low for americans...and why we are minimizing the effec

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  1. I dont know why the media is minmizing the effects of katrina. But it seems the damage is more widespread and more damaged to the oil and gas infrustature then reported. I think by thursday we will see the damage estimates starting to rise. On another note this must be the lowest that amercia has ever come. People looting new orleans and the outlying suburbs. Those people should be ashamed of themselves. These arent desperate people looking for food, but people looting clothing and electronic stores. These are organize gangs going to homes and shops. An absolute low in american history.
  2. City flooded. No electricity, no potable water, no gas, and no meaningful relief for days or weeks. I can't say that I wouldn't be hitting the local grocery store myself.
  3. Im not talking about looting for food to survive or medicine, Im talking about good old fashion looting. People looting electronic stores, people looting houses for valuables. Those kind of stuff. Organize gangs going through clothing stores with bags of ambercrombie and fitch clothes. Tell me if that isnt sickening. I think the government should have a shoot to kill policy towards these people.

  4. Um. Um.... what' s worse, people stealing valuables, which, for the most part, have little value? <b>or</b> Police shooting and killing unarmed citizens without questioning, arrest, or trial because they THINK that they may be looting.

    It's a sad day, yes. But check your emotions at the door please.
  5. Thousands of people are probably dead by now, the government has clearly not done enough and is still not doing enough to save and evacuate the survivors. Why are you obsessed with looting 90% of which is indeed groceries. Are you sure you have your priorities straight?
  6. I think yes shoot those thugs stealing valuables. Making things worse for people then it should be. I can understand taking food for survival and medicine. But those cretins, those people who are lower then low that steals electronics and clothing making things worse for everybody, I think they should be shot right there no questions ask. I think you would have a diffrent opinion if you see a man stealing jewerly while the city is flooding. And yes I think those people who are looting clothing and retarded stuff should be shot. And a shoot to kill order should be put on.

  7. why???? its because its these people that make situations like these bad even more bad. Its these people that make a situation that is already hell more hell. And dont tell me people looting the local kmart is for food. People could understand looting for food, but stealing clothing and tv's that is insane. People like that should be shot, no matter the age. Those people are criminals and animals, and should be put down like animals.

  8. much of the looting may be a negative psychological reaction to each persons own hatred of the world now, because that own person was SO ENTIRELY STUPID for staying in new orleans during the hurricane --------- after how many warnings???

    it is a by product of the "how could I have been so f***ing stupid to stay here during the storm", YOU f***ing a**holes you owe me now for not dragging my stupid dumb a** out of town during all those warnings!!! I will hate your f***ing a** even more the rest of my life and I will take anything I damn want to because you really owe my dumb a** now and forever!!!

    splush-splush-splush-splush {as I walk away filled with new hatred for you "havers", with 10 new tommy hilfiger shirts stuffed under my arm}
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    Who cares about the looting, those companies should just write off their entire inventory of those stores and let those poor people have them all imo... real looters that need to be shot are the ones who looted companies like Enron, Tyco, NYSE etc. etc......
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    I suppose Canadians would never loot.
    You are truly the biggest Anti-American Douchebag on this message board. If you were on fire I would not even piss on you.
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