Loosed battle

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    Author loosed battle from real money account in USA.
    Possibly two grounds .

    1.Can not hold competition in USA market against USA public
    2. To meet high objective author have made high,very
    high risk.

    For small real money account author observed
    best result some 500-600% per month by contest
    by FXCM.

    Author is multiple paper trading competition price money
    winner -in USA,International,Germany and Swiss with
    USA shares ,Germany DAX,USA ert,zg, usd/jpy

    Best result's(multiple) 300-600% for one-two week
    against 500-20000 competitors .

    Relevant critic would appreciated .

    As example -reduction objective's for USA small real money
    account until 100-200% per year(not per month),trade from real money account only occasionaly in best time,best situation &

    But that would very average result (in calculaltion that
    account is small ,and if would more capital , result would going
    down to 20-50% per year)

    Your respectfully

    Great capital best perfomance(controlled!) ,moeny recalculated through part of GDP relation .

    300 mln$-600 mln$ (Bruce Covner ) 1 year -with OPM
    (other people money) Currency
    1mln$ -9 mln$ (Martin Schwartz) in DR.Zade contest
    With OPM ? future (SP ?,ED?)

    But this have had advantage ,which retail operator can not have (place by exchange &)
  2. ????...................are you from the Canton or Hunan province?
  3. Lose vs Loose.

    Work on the English.
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    03-17-07 04:25 PM

    ????...................are you from the Canton or Hunan province?

    No ,from Hamburg Germany ,but not native Germany
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    Lose vs Loose.

    Work on the English.

    Thank you for correction .No one person can be good in all .
    Napoleon can not speak french without error .

    USA authority(SEC,CFTC,Court &) have understand
    author english .

    Best wish ...
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    Last result 371% per month record by FXCM King of mini stated ,that competitor performed all operation in profit with GBP .with not very great margin - until 30k by 1000$ capital .

    Author performed he's result's in paper game's
    pro week 539% with DAX and more 600% with
    USD/JPY with intraweek loss more as 50%

    Different style.But maritime history stated that decisive victory
    can not be without high risk (Adm.Nelson,Jutland Battle ,Prien ,
    Schlachshiff Bismark at 27 maj 1941 &)

    Relevant comment would appreciated .
  7. Just a general thought if you live in Germany maybe SS is not the best computer handle? Why not just use
    Schutzstaffel ?