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  1. Imma gonna go out on a limb here and say Stop huntin' plus Short Squeezin'
  2. its funny ... how the BOTS show up when they need to

    ok ... maybe there will be a "dead cat" bounce tonight

    as the Aussie is looking like the leader again

    that is unless the new "carry trade" is ANYTHING but this:


  3. I just got out of my USD/CAD long. Built a position for a couple of weeks through pyramiding. I was hoping the USD/CAD could go back to the way it was 1 year ago. I guess the US dollar is really weak and that the Central Bank is not really doing much to weaken the Canadian dollars.

    I am kind of disappointed in giving back also 1/2 the unrealized profit back.

  4. The loonie is done, gold and oil are done for now

    Have you noticed that 1088 is a screaming top? well thats what some CNBC analysts and thestreet.com analysts are saying

    and oil .. who needs it when you are green, but seriously the Northeast US is not cold at all now, maybe we won't need heating oil thanks to global warming. I wake up in my apartment sweating because the heat is on and its freaking 65 Degrees Farenheit outside

    Plus read this http://www.cnbc.com/id/33613707
    Oil demand might go down? No Way! Awesome! Take that Saudi Arabia


    I am long on this USD CAD pullback