Looks vs sex

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Looks vs sex, which would you choose?

  1. 5/10 face and 10/10 ability in bed

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  2. 10/10 face and 5/10 in bed

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  1. Cutten


    If you had a choice between someone with an average 5/10 face, but who was 10/10 in bed, versus someone whose face was 10/10 gorgeous, but only 5/10 in bed, which would you choose?
  2. bronks


    I've had both and all I can say is when I was with the ugly one, I always wished I had someone prettier. We never went out much, but then again, we didn't have to.

    A year or so after that, I hooked up with a hottie in the face/bod but a nottie in bed. We went out in public a lot but all I could think about is the ugly one dropping her drawers at the first sign of a swell. I married this one, thinking I could change her nature. Divorce.
  3. nitro


    In my mid twenties I worked for a company as a programmer on a really interesting project. At this company there were many subcompanies, and they were all housed under one large building, so people with very diverse backgrounds got to mingle.

    Month two into my job, this blond begins to be really nice to me. As is usual for me in those days, when I get interested in a project, I get obsessed to the point where I think about nothing else and I work nearly around the clock. She also would work late often. Anyway, one evening she suggests we have dinner at a local pizza place before we burn some more midnight oil. We had a good time, and soon thereafter, we were more than friends. Honestly, I don't know what she saw in me, other than she said I was "dreamy." Take my word for it, it was not a likely situation in most universes.

    Now, in those days, I had never dated a blond and did not find them particularly attractive. What was really strange was that we had very little in common. Her typical dates were musicians with long blond hair. But hey, I am not going to back down from a woman throwing herself at me.

    In terms of looks, I would say she was a six. But dude, this woman was unreal. It was not just the sex, it was her attitude in the bedroom. I was also lucky enough to date a woman in her very late twenties to early thirties [in case you don't know, men peak sexually in their late teens early twenties, and women in their early thirties.] I was a sex slave and mostly a prune, including the darkroom at work. To make a long story short, I almost married a woman I had nothing in common with outside of the bedroom, and was completely happy.

    Yep, I am a typical man. It is not even close, "if it works in the bedroom, it works everywhere" - Freud
  4. LOL man, I feel like I know you (but I don't). :D

    On more than one occasion I've dated an average looking woman woman who was just out of this world in the bedroom, and I even had to go so far as to explain to one of my best buds (and a consumate wingman) that "while she might look average, she f^cks link a minx"!

    I've also dated the arm candy that everyone wants to fight you for, but is just "good-to-OK" in the bedroom, and let me tell you, there's no comparison. :)

    ... and of course, there's the 8+ who also is outstanding in bed, but most of those women are called "wives". :p
  5. somehow, without personality, this is somewhat incomplete. Living with someone having a bad personality (mean, selfish, abrasive, nagging, constantly complaining, angry, abusive to others) makes everything else meaningless. Living with someone with a really good personality (kind, caring, supportive, interested in you, etc.) can give you a real lift. A 10/10 looks and 10/10 in bed, with a 0/10 personality to me, is to be avoided. You don't want you or your family or good friends to be near them.

  6. jeez, talk about a tangent. i got so bored i forgot the point of the post.

    As far as the topic, unless you're talking about marriage, have both. Have the hot girl to take out and shit like that, and the bed whore for the action. If you can only choose one, what's more important to you, image or having a good time in the sack?