looks pretty good.

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    Hello all.

    Im from Calgary and will have a meeting with a prop company. below is what they have to offer.

    Our Current pricing for approved trader is:

    Minimum Deposit: $5000

    Transaction Fees: $2.00 per trade (unlimited shares) plus all ECN & exchange pass thru fees. minus rebates

    Data & Software Fees: $250.00 per month

    Trader Payout: 70% of net trading profits

    Leverage: 15:1

    From what it looks like, it looks very good.
  2. Call up an LLC of Genesis and you will get that deal at $1 a trade.
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    I would suggest that the most important thing to check is that they will give you your deposit back when you ask for it. Not every prop trading firm is reputable. Commissions and leverage is, to my mind, secondary concerns.
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    would this be something that should be in a contract or in writing.

  5. What firms offers this, what is their info?


  6. Snoop,

    Just so you are aware, this is not 'prop' trading as defined by regulatory standards. This has been discussed on other threads as well. If they are taking your money as a deposit and there is any discussion of leverage, then it is not prop, just what is politely referred to as 'prop/retail' hybrid.

    Out of curiosity, is there any reason why this deal would be appealing to you versus other options out there?
  7. thats insane.i pay .004 and everything is paid for.
  8. That deal sucks. 70% is horrible bullshit. You should get 100%.
  9. Dam i had gotton a better deal
    100% payput
    0.005 cause i was doing less then 200K a month
    20 : 1 margin which was too much for me had to reduce it cause i was not using it at all.
    No software fees
    HAd to leave the prop firm due to some family problem
    Got my 10 K - 1.7( losses ) on the day they pay every 2 time a month
    A happy customer
    And yes rates is a second thing make sure u can get your deposit back that is very important
  10. Anybody know a firm in Calgary or anywhere in Canada that offers a margin of like 15:1?


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