Looks like you don't need to be a trader to get financial freedom

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  1. "His departure from the workaday world is likely to be long and relatively free of financial concerns, after he retired last July at age 59 with a pension paying $174,308 a year for the rest of his life. "

    With $180K a year, he can live anywhere in the world. Isn't that most traders' dream? He is only 59 and still has plenty good years left.

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    i would say-that 99.9% of private sector workers can only dream off
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    everybody, who is capable of becoming a school teacher should become one. with 3 months +vacation and the proper schedule you can still trade and be guaranteed a check.

    this is the best advice you will ever receive on ET.
    remember that many teachers in the US are semi-illiterate. many posters fall in this category. they have no need to worry about qualifying if they are willing to go to school and acquire the necessary credits for the license.
  4. You qualify I suppose, considering all the capital words you omitted.

    Gosh what a condescending post.
  5. His financial freedom is only as secure as the pension fund behind it. With states and municipalities increasingly under pressure these pensions are no sure thing.
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    your supposition is wrong. i just don't bother to capitalize.
    you,however, have exposed yourself to be a person who jumps to conclusions without basis.
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    the federal government will bail out the states. It was done in argentina for the provinces and it will done in the US for the states.
  8. God I hope not. Worst case scenario for the guy mentioned in the OP is he has to go back to work. He's still got plenty of productive working years left anyway.
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    i share your hope but it is not reality. a left wing government is trying to create a class of serfs to support a useless class of gov't workers who generally sap the strength and the vitality of the private sector.
  10. How does the Federal Government bail out the states? They don't have any money. They're into hock up to their eyeballs as it is.
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