Looks like Trader Vic might have been right

Discussion in 'Trading' started by marketpath, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. Watching the fiasco tonight just like everyone else, but decided to pull up a monthly chart for the ES. Pretty interesting.....

    The high in March of 2000 was 1574.25. The high in Nov of 2007 was 1586.75, higher by about 12 points, BUT the close of that monthly bar was 1555.00 - below the 2000 high. Classic poke bar. Shorting the break of the low of that bar might have been the play of the decade.

    Doesn't mean sh** now obviously, but I thought it was interesting. Wish I had caught it at the time, but again, no way in hell I am holding anything more than a couple of hours, what more a couple of months.

    That all folks - go back to prying the fillings out of your mouths to cash in on the silver, and remember - use the stove to melt it down, not the microwave.....
  2. Yet another useless thread on ET started up in the TRADING FORUM that has nothing to do with trading. As someone that got my first job in 1984 from Victor Sperandeo on the NYFE, I would actually know.

    Thanks for playing.
  3. A(nother) useless post in a useless thread
  4. so how many days did you last there until they sent you packing?

    Christ man, take your metamucil and go to bed. You have been bouncing around and flaming everyone you can find. I appreciate that you are Bruce Almighty of trading, but if you don't like my post, go turn on the TV, tune into an episode of the Golden Girls, and get the jergins out and go to town.
  5. There really isn't that much silver in the amalgam in my teeth:

    "Silver amalgam has been used for filling teeth longer than any other material. It is a mixture of metals including silver, tin, mercury, copper and zinc. Until not so long ago this was the only material available for filling teeth. However, today it is used mainly in the back teeth where the metal color can not easily be seen. Even with the availability of many new materials for filling teeth, this compound continues to be used because of its ability to endure intense forces generated by chewing motions, and because of its affordability to patients."

  6. Morbid fascinations with your mouth and year 2000? I mean whats this ? A sickness ?