Looks like TradeFreedom (Canadian brokerage) has some new toys...

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Chagi, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. Chagi


    Was browsing through the TradeFreedom website this evening, and noticed to my suprise that they have revamped their trading platform offerings.

    It appears that they are now offering the Axis/AxisPro platforms, though they have their own name for the platforms. Even more interesting is that the basic platform is completely free, as in zero data costs for TSX + US Stocks Level 1 3/4 (which is Level 1 + ECN books). News feed is about $15/month. The "max" variant is $150/month, not a huge amount of difference between the two (more charts, some extra charting tools, etc.). Additional stuff like TSXV, Nasdaq L2, etc. are pretty typically priced.

    Granted, their commissions are still high relative to, say, IB, but it looks like TradeFreedom has just made their offerings far, far more attractive.

    And no, I don't work for them. :p

    P.S. I'm curious to see how Questrade is going to respond to this, since they charge quite a bit for their AxisPro offering if you aren't a high volume trader...
  2. Interesting that they no longer offer MBT services. Maybe MBT is on the block.
  3. Chagi


    Sorry, what does MBT stand for? Telephone trades?
  4. They still suck !!! :D
  5. paradox


    Anyone have an RRSP account with them for trading futures?
  6. Chagi


    Do you just mean their commissions, or have you had bad experiences with them?

    In comparison to other Canadian brokerages, they seem very competitive, though obviously they are not as low cost as IB Canada. That said, I'm going to be opening a new broker account next spring/summer, and they've just moved up on my list.
  7. Chagi


    Oh, you mean the MBTX smart routing feature? Hadn't noticed that.
  8. m2plz


    Commissions are great! BUT their quote feed SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I never seen a quote feed as unreliable as theirs!!!

    Today it's been down for over 1.5 hours and it's still down!!! unless you don't mind getting hour old quotes

    They had this problem for a very long time and if they don't fix it I may have to change brokers - only reason i stay is the fees are good. They changed platforms but the quote feed is as unreliable as the old system - so unless they fix this problem SOON I think active traders will leave for a different broker.

    IMO having a quotes as unreliable as their is no excuse and lack of respect for their clients - they keep on "working" on the problem but for this to be an ongoing problem is unacceptable!!