Looks like they started Chemtrail Barium/Boron spraying above Vancouver as well

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  1. joe123


    When I came with my family to Canada in early 90s, I really don't remember signing a paper to allow government to poison me without notifying me at least

    very nice :mad:

    its not that I worry about myself, but my kids live here too :mad:
  2. pspr


    Cheer up. Boron will grow hair on your chest. Your children are boys, aren't they? :D
  3. joe123


    Leave it to a drugged up American to make fun of Secret poisoning of society.

    Boron is good for me Above 2000 times EPA guideline, yeah are you the brightest bulb in your hood.

    What about Barium 1000 times above EPA guideline

    what about aluminum 200 time above allowed limit

    I guess it will be all funny when we see increase of alzhimers due to Aluminum

    yeah real funny :mad:
  4. joe123


    when it started all over USA I didn't care, after all many of you are slow and kinda deserve what you get

    but this ain't gonna fly in Canada, we pay premium for Vancouver real estate and this ain't gonna fly

    government is gonna have to hear people on this issue :mad:
  5. joe123


    part of my letter, I will make 3000 copies and send it, cost = 300 bucks

    Dear Government of Canada I don't expect you to care about me and my family, most people don't expect these things despite political promises during elections.

    But I do expect you to care about yourself and your own children. Stop the Barium/Boron/Aluminum poisoning project that started above the skies of Vancouver. This project although secret (since I don't see it in the news) is plainly visible in Vancouver skies.
  6. does one need to buy special glasses to see "the project"? TIA :cool:
  7. joe123


    regular vapor trail behind jumbo jet dissipates within 5-10 minutes

    these ChemTrails last up to an hour

    It was on US national news but I guess slow guys like you miss those segments

    maybe its all the Barium you've been inhaling, Also how are your kids grades :cool:

    is it you being a lousy father, or government poisoning or combination :cool:
  8. i don't watch TV and advise everyone not to watch it as well. the subliminal messages are polluting people's brains.

    so it must be the Boron then....
  9. There is too many of us using up the resources of the elite smart asses. The need to get rid of a bunch of us somehow.

    Dont drink the water
  10. Man, that weed up in canada must be some good shit. But, you might want to take a break, and let your head clear for a couple days. Sounds like you're getting too far gone in you deep weedthink.
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