Looks like the world is coming to end.

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  1. Stock market is the trash can. Dow and SPX in bear territories. Major stock charts busted and damaged beyond repair. Gas prices sky high, food prices running rampant under inflationionary pressures and a dubious and nagging war keeps on sucking 4 billion dollars a month out of the economy into other lands.

    Looks like if we did not hit recession we are definitely going down to crash here. Its not doom and gloom, however I have joined the ranks with those whom I have chided and scolded in the past.

    The reality is upon us. Things are bad in every aspect. Housing is down the toilet, stocks in the trash bin and America is poor, weak and going down the wrong way. Something got to be done.

    The Feds have done enough and to days testimony by Bernanke in the Senate confirmed my fears and the realities facing us. War is wrecking the economy that in turning is wrecking the stock market and your ability to make a good living off it. Its a very difficult market to trade long or short. Its a bear market by all means when the indexes are below 200 day moving averages and down 20% from October highs. This can go on like the 2000-2003 saga taking down lots of American wealth along with it.
  2. The bottom is in after hearing that

  3. Yeah sure. You need another bear market rally to deepen your wounds?
  4. shut up dumbass, you said you cant even sell short:confused:

  5. Why get angry? I sell shorts all the time.
  6. Man you are the very embodiment of capitulation. A perma bull finally throwing in the towel is a good indicator of a market on the turn. People like you always lose so it is good to be the other side
  7. doli


    Wasn't long ago that S&P 500 was in the high 700s. It can happen again. I was thinking it would bottom in the 900s, but 700s looking better every day.
  8. 900 maybe, but 700 is just a little too extreme!!! Won't happen I think.

  9. you, poor thing. hang in there!

  10. Please contribute something personal or inspirational to the thread..
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