Looks like the UN feels we violated Osama's rights.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by KINGOFSHORTS, May 6, 2011.

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    They could interview one of bin Laden's family that actually saw it. At least, that is what Pakistan is saying. Otherwise, they are wasting their time.
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    Politics makes strange bedfellows, it appears the UN has republican support on this one.
  4. Republicans will support anything that opposes the democrats. Of course they're going to side with the UN when they stand up against one of Obama's biggest victories.
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    duh... this is exactly why all of sudden there administration created a fog of war. they were not missing 25 minutes of video. There was no fog.

    The president gave a kill order and now he is a war criminal in the eyes of the anti america left.

    So now it was a capture or kill order and they have to pretend that bin laden defended himself or tell the UN and eventually the International Court to go screw itself ala george bush and dick cheney.
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    No, the pro-America right on this very board is arguing that the left is hypocritical because they are not condemning Obama's kill order. The pro-America right has had to change its position on foreign "adventurism" because in this case it is props for Obama.
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    was there any uproar when Bush said he wanted him dead or alive? I don't remember much noise about that
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    Only from the bleeding heart liberals, the same one's cheering Obama's assassination of OBL now.
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    Now it's bleeding heart conservatives. Hilarious!
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