Looks like the market wants an EOD rally badly

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  1. ........but right now the resistance is just too much......maybe we'll see it right after I post, lol.
  2. Market looks like it wants to take a crap on itself and roll on the floor. It must be all that buying pressure from the 401k folks that are mandated to throw their money down the toilet.
  3. Well i think they will be selling all the rallies and that is what it is happening here
    I just hope they is a buying program which should start up at 3 probably
  4. This is what its gotten to. Bulls hoping for buy programs to save their hides from bad entries. Bear markets have the sharpest rallies but also the sharpest falls. It works both ways.

    Market will rally when the price gets low enough, although the market is down a lot, most of it was from a big gap down so intraday traders are still clinging to hope here for the day. Right, only a buy program can save this day, otherwise we're just mired in more weakness.
  5. One or the other. The big board will tell the tale at around 3:30. See if those big blocks are unloaded and touch a new intraday low.

    13,400 or 13,300 close
  6. 300 point cut before the close?
  7. whoops, 12,4 or 12,3.....

    I don't want to see 13k Dow for awhile.:D
  8. Look like the bears are very strong
    Could take this lower
  9. S2007S


    many thought 13k was coming,12k or less or more like it, should have sold the last rally like I said, DOW 12400 was my prediction and the DOW broke right through it.....looking for further downside, would get very bullish under 11500....

  10. Dude, I will be Cramer and Kudlow Bullish at that level again.:)
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