Looks like the GOP gets what they want. Taxpayer funded private insurance.

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  1. The game is over. It looks like they will get what they want which is Private insurance getting free taxpayer money. So without the public option they will be able to really reap the profits and increase premiums.

    Middle class will get shafted by more taxes, The GOP wins and the sheeple fell for the GOP con game.

    Democrats were dumb as usual and fell prey to the smarter GOP crowd who is pulling the strings behind the curtains.

    Obama is a weak president, lots of bark but no bite. I would have vetoed the whole thing if it did not include the public option.
  2. skylr33


    Don't blame the GOP. The Democrats have overwhelming majorities in the House and Senate, but yet, they still can't accomplish jack shit!!!! This clearly shows that Obama and the entire Democratic Party are a bunch of useless douche bags. They try to implement policies that the majority of America is clearly against. 2010 is looking better and better for the GOP with each passing day. America has tired of Obama very quickly, and now they realize what an absolute cluster fuck decision they made to put him into office. Obama campaigned on a promise to govern from the middle, and a bunch of dipshit voters bought it. But what is Obama really doing? Trying to push such a liberal, radical, leftist agenda that he has pissed this country off. He has now lost all Independent support. It was the Independents that made the difference for him in the election. Even moderate conservative Democrats are turning on him, plus, come 2012 he won't have Acorn out there getting him all those fraudulent votes. This socialist asshole will never recover, no matter how many more useless t.v. appearances, or press conferences he has. In addition, even if Obama get's any sort of health reform bill passed, it won't be enough to save him politically, because he obviously won't get anything near what he wants, and that will make him look like the ultimate failure because he has overwhelming majorities in Congress. And if the Democrats try ramming a bill through via reconciliation, especially one that the majority of America is dead set against, Obama and the Democrats will have written their political obituary.
    Obama's toast!!!! I love it!!!!!!
  3. They always were the anti working people party whores owned by health insurance lobby middle men. I hope when talk of campaign reform comes around they don't have the nerve to
    show their faces.
  4. I suspect Obama will be a 1 term president, Assuming the GOP has someone other than Palin, Joe The Plumber or Jindal as a potential candidate.

    If they work towards getting Romney for 2012 they will have my vote.

    Otherwise if they get someone like Palin, they will not.
  5. Unless that video of Romney talking in tongues surfaces somehow. Seems republicans are more effective out of office operating from the sidelines than in.
  6. The Democrats fail victim to what many politicians do..."scared shitless syndrome". This is the same thing the republicans did years ago when they had the whitehouse and congress. They were too afraid to really cut govt like they should have. Ideas like getting rid of whole departments and restraining entitlements were forgotten and they focused on being popular and getting re-elected.

    Until someone grows some balls it really will not matter who is running things. If each party is afraid of doing things that are unpopular and that reduce their chance of winning re-election, then they become impotent. If the republicans manage to unseat the dems and eventually Obama they will not have an easy time reducing government. They will face the wrath of liberal versions of tea parties and the news media, then what??
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    ...or until we get congressional term limits, then they're preoccupation with and motivations for getting re-elected will cease to exist.
    Along with saving untold billions in squandered pork spending to boot.
  8. I'm not sure any amount of conviction coming from the left would do any good since both parties are whores for corporate interests. Its always been corporate thats bribed politicians to do their biding. The right has only come to scream about subsidies toward corporate when dems are the ones bailing them out. Up to now there have always been various subsidies, or corporate welfare. They're much better organized than any hopes populists can ...hope to find popular support for ...strangely enough. Nader and Kucinich managed to get their messages out but if you think Obama can't get anything done ...! So who do you lay the blame on the briber or the bribee?
  9. Lucrum you are soooo right about the term limits thing!!! I was a huge supporter of it when the republicans were advocating it back in the 1990s. Of course once they got in power they forgot about pushing for that agenda.