Looks like the FX forum on Elitetrader is not very active, ...

Discussion in 'Forex' started by mizhael, May 13, 2010.

  1. where are the more active FX discussion forums?

    Any pointers?

  2. Yes, it would appear even the shills gave up on this forum-section.

    There are a few other sites (i.e. forexfactory), but they are all really terrible.
  3. BS.

  4. You're not a friendly panda at all, are you?:D
  5. Peter35


    forexfactory is more active
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    ever wonder what it would be like to do squat thrusts in a cucumber patch?
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  9. siki13


    No it doesn't if we talking about most reputable forex brokers.
    Those two examples were robberies i have yet to witness in
    forex world.
    Actually i hate this kind of discussion and i usually avoid it but your timing for it could be better.
  10. Ever since Ivan clipped mine and Cables wings, it just ain't no fun no mo yo, fo shizzle my nizzle.

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