Looks like the Euro Crisis is over

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  1. TILT2


    Here are some prooves:
    1. Check the chart of DAX30 CFD(future) index, the price has almost reached the top of 27th last October.
    2. Check the chart of NAS100 CFD(future) index, the price has already broken the height of 2nd last May.

    If you disagree, can you explain why these happened especially the second one?
  2. sheda


    Can you explain why that means the crisis is over>? Have the PIGS paid of there debt? Have polticians developed intteligence?
  3. N54_Fan


    Realize that what you are describing does NOT mean the crisis is over. It simply means the major market players dont care about the impact of the European debt worries,.....for NOW.

    I agree charts are bullish but I dont think you can translate the TA into the Fundamental analysis that the crisis is OVER. All you can say is that no one seems to care.
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    BTW,... with the market being bullish it could also mean that major market movers are viewing this as the time for the beginning of hyperinflation because of massive world wide debt. In that scenario the market would go higher but dollar and euro purchasing power would be diminished.

    Bottom line is that as traders our job is to trade what you see and do NOT ask why or try to reason with the market. As long as our trading returns out pace the market returns and inflation then you are trading correctly. Otherwise you are wasting your time.

    Like the famous quote goes..." the market can remain irrational MUCH longer than you can remain solvent."
  5. TILT2


    Yes, I agree with what you said. But TA and fundatmental often cross-reflect each other, don't they? I often believe that TA precedes fundatmental. Take the low of March 2009 for example, It must be like that that price reached the bottom first and reversed and then you would see that the fundamental(economic datas)became better and better later so as to support or reason the bullish of the market. In other words, the economics datas(you can also call it fundatmental or news etc)justify the movement of the market or more precisely speaking serve the market. So I only care about the TA, if TA shows a sign that the market would be bullish, then I assume the euro crisis would be over in the near future cause it was the reason why the market went down since last May.

    Anyway, put what I said aside, can you explain why these happend especailly the second one by TA? and tell me what does it mean?
  6. Means you should buy. Or buy more if you already bought.
  7. The markets have concluded, "with all the money-print operations, crisis defused/postponed, for NOW".... same as we're doing in the US.
  8. Words fail me.

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    Printing money is the best fixer upper for the global economy.....

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