Looks like the bs nonsense fake manipulated rally unwound tonight

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by stock777, Sep 14, 2011.

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  2. yes it did, giving me a chance to grab some real cheap shares for the real, sincere, post apocalyptic ramp.

  3. did ya take the hint? one more squeeeeeze after my alert, and the shtf.

    down 18 now from the bs high. closed all longs near the top. wont even bother to say I got short.
  4. Lucrum


    More coded rants about how you supposedly buy lows and sell/short highs. All we after the fact of course.
  5. No kidding. What a piker. Get off the drugs 777
  6. Lucrum


    Which "top" was that?
    How's that short working out for ya?
  7. He took profits at the exact low, of course. No one on this site but Surf ever has losing trades.
  8. bone

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    Whatever happened to 5000 at the end of August ? Mark his words, heard it here first so we were told. I like the way he carries on a conversation with himself for a few days... and then stops (market rallies).

    If we tank tomorrow, he'll post about 5 times in two hours. When we come off the 8/31 and 09/01 highs, he'll start another rant.
  9. lol, I explained to you that the 5000 was symbolic and not literal.

    the sad part was that I had to actually spell it out for you.

    good thing you sell cheese and dont actually trade.
  10. bone

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    Yes, you are correct. Any real trader would know that you are the real thing and a big swinging dick trader just by reading your posts.
    #10     Sep 17, 2011