Looks like the ban may only be on financial stocks. Just what the UK did

Discussion in 'Trading' started by traderpro, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. "In addition, the Securities and Exchange Commission is set to propose banning short selling temporarily. It's not clear how broadly the ban might apply, but is expected to apply to financial stocks."


    So basically you can short any stock as long as it isn't a company who's in bed with the government/Federal Reserve. Gee, that's not transparent or anything.

    Hooray for corporatism. :confused:
  2. ive had enough for one day... its time for bed.
  3. worst case is to stock up some Put, but at this economy, there is no way I won't buy any stock. NOt only they can easily go down, they can easily go belly up
  4. I'd have thought the clarification would have drooped the initial announcement futures spike, but it hasnt