Looks Like Ron Paul Is Done

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Dec 23, 2011.

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  2. Paul can't be bought, so he stands no chance to get the nomination. It's pretty clear CNN is being motivated by someone to bring up the past because this wasn't the case in 2008. Romney and Gingrich can easily be bought but the public doesn't like them. Perry is an idiot. Bachmann illustrates why voting should not be a universal right.

    The clown car continues onward.
  3. I don't care if Ron Paul is a racist as long as his voting record is clean and doesn't infringe on our liberties. He can hate blacks and jews all he wants, who cares. Of course, the good Dr. is not racist. How can a medical doctor write all that garbage about AIDS patients? He must be one hell of an actor to not have spoken in that tone in any interview he has ever done in his entire career.
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    So what? There's nothing particularly shocking about that article.

    The Government does play-down the HIV-homosexual link.

    There really is a push for world government.

    As far as currency being traceable, who gives a sh*t.

    Btw, the "investigative journalist" quoted in that reuters story, James Kirchick, is a senior fellow at a mainline Neocon think-tank that's headed by Bill Kristol, Joseph Liebermam, Richard Perle and Charles Krauthammer. You don't suppose the neocons want Paul taken out?
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    Just like Rand Paul was brought down by late BS stories about him.

  6. From RP Forums. Newsletters debunked. And yes Kirchick is a liar.

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    Tsing Tao

    I'm sorry, even if the Reuters articles was true (which it is not) there is nothing damning about Ron Paul in it. Nothing at all. How is he "done" again?
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    I've been waiting for this and hopefully Paul's campaign is as well, when the MSM can no longer ignore Paul's numbers (which btw is telling in itself) they will bring their full smear resources to bear on Ron Paul.

    Since they believe that they can persuade the sheeple by fabricated public opinion, if you say it long and loud enough they will believe it the MSM, in concert will begin to pound the message. When and if that doesn't work they will lie.

    Take notice Dr. Paul, they now take your bid for the Presidency serious.

    Stand firm and speak the truth.
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    The MSM has had fun destroying each republican candidate in turn.

    4 more years of Obama, I'm afraid that is my prediction.

    Too bad the republicans let the MSM pick our candidate. Sad.
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