Looks like Romney is going to lose!

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  1. Anyone else with a crystal ball?!
  2. Sorry,Mine are Brass.
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  4. george romney's son pays less % taxes than the 47% that he accuses of being dependent on the government

    What a losing hypocrite welfare cheat; relying on the inequitable tax laws to accumulate more money that he does not need - and the morons on here who likely pay more tax then he does (%-wise) support him.
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    According to who, exactly?
  6. Thankfully in less then 2 weeks we wont have to hear about Romney anymore.Like Palin we'll be stuck with Ryan in the news for awhile though :(
  7. The Tax Policy Center provides data showing that in 2011, 46.4 percent of American households paid no federal income tax.

    Back up your claim that Romeny's son paid less taxes than them (LESS THAN ZERO PERCENT).

    LMAO. Another liberal nutjob.
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    Romney is now using "hope and change" in his campaigning. But, to be original, he's calling it "optimism" and change. Lol.
  10. It was known since 2000 that he will lose. Why were you thinking otherwise?
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