Looks like PPT is jamming the futures

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  1. Huge volume spike right at 3 with the market spiking several handles to the green. Unreal what direct government intervention can do to a market. In all sorts of ways.

    PPT has hit the panic button and they are jamming this market higher to directly change investor pyschology. Unreal.
  2. Up several hundred points on no major news
  3. I believe the stage is set for the next run. yeehaw. Two huge hammers on SPX, and INDU on the dailies and a hammer on the weeklies for both. It doesn't get any better than this :cool:
  4. Amazing what just happened to the Dow,S&P,NQ....
  5. I agree with you all. Amazing really. Why not take the recession on the chin.

    Ok the dow was down 500points on tuesday morning futs. Why the 75bps panic. Must have been some institution gone cap-in-hand to the fed on the weekend. Talk is of another 75bps next week. Why? What do they know?
  6. They are trying to drive a stake through the heart of the bears in this final hour. It is a sneak attack to force a short squeeze as the PPT knows that the last hour has the biggest effect on investor psychology. This run up is totally orchestrated.
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    so glad i sold some of my inverse funds around 12pm...

    :D :D :D :D :D :D
  8. Oh my God, it must be manipulation! Interestingly, only upside moves are manipulation. When we tank 5% it's all legit.
  9. Look for a run up to the FOMC meeting so we're not going down from here till next Wednesday. Every day will probably be an up day as the bears throw in the towel ahead of FOMC.
  10. Yep, prepare for some major levitation over the next few days and more. As close to a written invitation to make money as you're going to get.
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