Looks like Paul Ryan for VP-Announcement Sat

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    It looks like 8am sat morning central time. My money is on Paul Ryan.
  2. So now Obama gets to run against the medicare killer ?Obama might be the luckiest incumbent in history
  3. I suppose job one for Ryan will be to take on all the entitlement programs. I think that's a good idea. He can start by cutting all the congressional entitlements, then move on to cutting corporate welfare. Then he can slash the defense budget. After that he can lock up social security so that only social security benefits are paid out of the social security fund. The fund can be used for nothing else but paying SS benefits, ever. Then he can get a law passed that all members of a sitting congress cannot be re-elected if the budget is not balanced. No retirement benefits will be paid to any sitting member of congress should they be removed due to an unbalanced budget. A limit of two terms will become law for congressional members. After all of that we can have a discussion about raising retirement ages and trimming benefits for us commoners. AFTER all that is done, and not one second before. Anything less is a non-starter with me.
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    Jimmy Carter's second term is winding down now, just a matter of months.
  5. Good post Captain!
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    Paul Ryan is THE MAN!!!!
  7. Way to go out on such a limb Mav after it had all but been announced.
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    Ryan is a problem solver. The Republican team is like Einstein and his Mentor vs Stooges Curly and Moe.
  9. That 100 million people on welfare pointed out in this forum I will bet you did not include farm welfare, which are called "subsidies".

    Ryan was a stupid choice, period.


    I thought I would add some detail to the posts my colleagues have already written on Congressman Paul Ryan’s (R-Wisc.) 2012 budget resolution.

    Interestingly — and, I would argue, appropriately — the agriculture stuff appears in the “Ending Corporate Welfare” section of the plan, most of it on page 36. After outlining the ways that farming America is doing well, Ryan’s plan would cut almost $30 billion (or 20 percent of projected outlays) over the next 10 years from farm subsidies (direct payments, currently costing about $5 billion per year) and crop insurance subsidies. Cuts will also reportedly fall on nutrition and conservation programs, but I will let my colleagues weigh in on those.

    The focus on crop insurance is encouraging, because crop insurance is an increasingly important part of U.S. farm policy, especially in recent years when commodity prices have been high: high prices reduce the amount of money taxpayers spend on commodity payments, but increases crop insurance premiums, which we all subsidize. They now cost about $6 billion, or more than commodity payments. And, as the blueprint points out, surely farmers “should assume the same kind of responsibility for assuming risk that other businesses do.” Well played, Congressman.

    One point on where the cuts fall on the commodity payments side: As a free-marketeer, I acknowledge that direct payments are less market-distorting than price-linked payments, and they are less (although not fully) questionable under World Trade Organization rules. If we are going to shovel money to farmers, in other words, sending unconditional welfare checks is the least distorting way to do it. But there is no money to raid from the price-linked programs because of high prices, so if savings are to be found, we need to raid the direct payment cookie jar. And, really, with $7 corn and red ink from here to eternity, surely this is an ideal time to wean farmers off of the government teat.

    If you think this is going down, fuggetaboutit:D
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    All I'll say is the ignorant commercial showing "Paul Ryan" pushing the grandma off a cliff is waaaaaaaaaaay over the top, and needs to be countered by Romney and Ryan with some big balls!
    We've gotta get the communists out of office, and Romney is gonna need to step up with "Reagan-like" balls right now IMO!
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