Looks like Palin needs to brush up on Domestic Policy too

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  1. Oops...McCain looks very uncomfortable in this. Looks like she just got a few more homework assignments.

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    Palin Makes Her First Gaffe:

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    Yeah that Huffington Post is obviously biased, but it's hilarious nonetheless. I read somewhere that the Palin effect has probably peaked and has nowhere to go but down. Seems like this could be the beginning of the trend's reversal. I'll wait for more confirmation before making the trade, though :)
  3. Gaffe? I'd say she got it exactly right. FNM/FRE clearly were too big and the bailout will cost taxpayers hundreds of billions.

    Maybe one of the geniuses criticizing her "gaffe" could explain why the private sector couldn't perform the role of FNM/FRE, minus of course the slush fund for democrats they have become.
  4. Actually FNMA is a private entity. It's held by shareholders. It had to be taken over by the government just this month.

    I appreciate that there's a religion that private enterprise is always better, but it isn't. Sometimes it's better, sometimes (as is the case with FNMA) it fails.
  5. She said this before the bailout was announced, according to the article. So she thought all along that it was a taxpayer funded system. Granted, it is an easy mistake to make, but not everyone else has the opportunity to get put in the White House either. I'm sure there are other issues that she is plenty confused about as well.

    Everyone always talks about her weakness in foreign policy but I have my doubts also about her knowledge of economic and social issues as well. She knows where she stands on shooting wolves from helicopters and other issues important to Alaskans but what about the rest of the country has she thought about?
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    No doubt she is, not unlike Obama's confusion on the number of states in the union.
  7. C'mon brocklanders. Use your head instead of drinking that Huffington koolaid.

    Paulsen called the political candidates Friday to inform them of the Treasury's plan with Fannie and Freddie. It was all over the news late Friday, in the WSJ, and on the news Saturday.

    She gave her speech Saturday, well after everyone knew the news except evidently the boneheads with Huffington. LOL. Maybe they ought to rethink some of the columnists there at Huffington.

  8. When was the news released to the public? I wasn't really paying attention this weekend but I thought it wasn't until Sunday. I could be wrong though. You are speculating that the Bush administration told the campaigns beforehand? I doubt that but who knows...

    Like I said earlier it is not a huge gaffe but if as you claim she knew about the bailout she doesn't seem to acknowledge the difference that Fannie and Freddie were private entities up until this past weekend.

    I will change my opinion of her once she starts to take some tough interviews but until then I think she peaked at the convention and is rapidly heading for whitewater. I have a lot of respect for Obama going on O'Reilly. Let's see Palin go on Hardball with Chris Matthews for the full hour.
  9. Paulsen called both Presidential candidates Friday. That was in a WSJ article...Friday. Why do you think the market was rallying? LOL. It wasn't a done deal....but the news was out. Late Friday after the market closed there was numerous articles and news reports that the powers that be were meeting about a government takeover of Fannie and Freddie.

    Saturday morning all kinds of news about the meeting going on, TV and print. Where were you? LOL.

  10. Correct.
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