Looks like Obama is the raging left wing lunatic everybody said he was. . .

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    Gun control, 1.75 trillion dollar deficit (four times the previous record), one trillion dollar stimulass bill after another, so much federal pork that the chicoms are saying "Geez dude, lighten up", Obama and this congress are turning out to be every bit the flaming liberals that the right claimed they'd be.

    But now comes the push for socialized medicine.


    All in the first few weeks. What's next? I can hardly wait. :(
  2. fhl


    Taking a recession and turning it into a depression is heady stuff.

    Now I don't know exactly if it'll be next, but we are guaranteed, based on the coming Obama inspired depression, to have either a war, or a "truth commission to get those Bush administration scoundrels", or maybe both.

    Because the life of the Obama administration must be preserved at 'all costs'.
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    So it's growing at about 75 to 100 billion a #@&%^ing day! That's great.
  4. TGregg


    The spending bill also includes
    Almost 2 grand for every man, woman and child in the country. There's nothing like raising taxes to help us climb out of this economic hole we've dug.

    Can you say record-setting tax-and-spend extreme radical left wing libtard lunacy?
  5. TGregg,

    Your childish name-calling is not appropriate behavior (libtard? Stimulass?!) for a moderator.

    Since posters are not allowed to put moderators on ignore, I ask that you tone down the rhetoric.

    Thank you.
  6. Third grade, right? And, no doubt, not for the first time.
  7. No substance period.
  8. Don't the libs have anything to say . . . . or is Reality starting to barely creep in to their thick stupid skulls ?

    These are the fools who provided the 'hope' so their guy could bring the 'change' - - - which is national decline and loss of personal freedom - - with government control of every aspect of business and of life.

    The general citizenry is too ignorant on these topics to realize what's going on yet . . . but the markets know.
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    (The right to vote in America: Blacks 1870; Women 1920; Native Americans 1925; Foreigners 2009)
  10. That pretty much sums up this thread, this moderator, and pretty much 99% of ET, especially all of the absurd posts in the Trading Forum.

    No substance.
    Just more fecal matter swirling the toilet bowl.

    ET, tons of VALUE.
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