looks like not enough votes for big 3 bailout

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  1. Good! I hope the big 3 exec's have the balls to go back home and start shutting down plants immediately, stopping payments to all vendors and closing every dealership in the country. Let the riots begin!
  2. I think any money that is, or would have been lent, will be burned through without anything positive coming from it other than buying some time.

    Fundamentally, nothing about the business model is going to change in the next year or so.

    Financing for the jobless and bad credit sufferers is not gona happen for a loooong time.

    This looks like a simple case of bloated car companies that need to trim down. Get rid of some models, close some plants, stop paying pensions, etc...
  3. Differences make a market, and I respect the opposing argument, but IMO it is a very low-odds bet that a million-plus folks are going to be allowed to hit the unemployment lists in a short period of time.

    This isn't about logic or financial sense anymore - this is about social stability at a rather fragile time.
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    I dont really understand politics. Can someone please explain to me how the government can spend billions to bailout Citigroup in a weekend without going through Congress, but this has to be voted on?
  5. They will get it, they will vote again. but it's going to be the same sh*t that happened with the 700 billion financial bailout.

    they are going to say no, then revote and say yes...market will go down and come back up.

    same sh*t

  6. lol the story was posted 2 hours ago and the futures are flat

    -34.00 -0.40
    S&P 500 865.90 -2.60 -0.30
    NASDAQ 1,153.25 -2.75 -0.24

    what a putz
  7. They are going to get federal money. The raging bitch Pelosi has already guaranteed it.
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    How come Lehman Bros never got a fair hearing in Congress and the small three do?
  9. up yours, I'm glad it's flat!!

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