Looks like John Edwards will walk..

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  1. jury can only can agree on 1 count.

  2. Looks like the MSM has missed the irony here. Johnny boy always liked to talk about the two America's, one for the have's, one for the have not's. Indeed, there are two America's. One for the connected, and the other one the rest of us live in.
    His whole legal argument was what I would call the general fund concept in government. Think SSN taxes. Is it really for SSN disbursement? Well, not really. The money just goes into the general fund to be used for whatever our glorious leaders think it should. So it goes with campaign contributions. Who's to say what campaigning really is? It's all just one big lump of cash to be used in any manner they see fit. Sweet deal!
    Two America's! John should thank whatever God he believes in that's the way it is. He walks free today because it is so.
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    About the time John Edwards was running for Pres;
    Dr Larry Bates, banker/bank seller/gold & silver dealer, used a trend trade sentence against mr Edwards.

    Said ''stick a fork in Edwards -he is done'':D :D :cool:
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    I noticed Edwards claiming that God still has plans for him.

    Where is Pee Drinker's outrage at?