Looks like Iraq is turning into another shit show

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  1. American trained Iraqi army said they have fled Mosul, Iraq's second largest city and that Al Qaeda army have occupied it.


    (CNN) -- More than 500,000 citizens fled in fear as extremist militants overran Iraq's second-largest city, Mosul, the International Organization for Migration said Wednesday.

    Despite its size -- the predominantly Sunni city has a population of about 1.6 million -- Mosul's collapse was swift. After weekend clashes, hundreds of radical Islamist fighters from an al Qaeda splinter group swarmed through the west of the city overnight Monday to Tuesday.

    American-trained Iraqi government forces fled in the face of the onslaught by the fighters, believed to be from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, an al Qaeda splinter group also known as ISIS and ISIL. The militants now control most, if not all, of the city.
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    We came, we broke, we left.