Looks like another day of thrills and spills

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  1. Head fakes and fake outs.
  2. Wondering why Futures didn't move on that retail sales data. Am I missing something?

    Yields went above 5.3% also.
  3. Gotta love those import prices, too!
  4. I don't understand how retailers can report shit numbers yet the government can report great numbers! According to a few news articles the discrepancy may have something to do with the way seasonally adjusted sales are booked.

  5. Oh wow, look at this pump before the market even opens, good grief.
  6. "when you trust your television,what you get is what you got.........when they own the information,they can bend it all they want"

    he hit the nail on the head with that line.
  7. No, if you're calling me naive you're wrong as I don't believe it for a second. If someone is likelier to tell the truth here it's the retailers...the government seems to lie by nature.

    I was just stating that the only reasoning I could find in any articles was such. And fyi it's in writing, not on tv.
  8. Sponger


    Nothing new here - if you follow all economic releases, just about every number that comes out gets revised a month later. I can't remember the last time a number DIDN'T get revised after the fact. Regardless of how real those numbers are, they move the markets - even if they turn out to be completely wrong in their implications. What matters is how the markets react to the data. Can you imagine FOMC meetings? A bunch of people sitting around a table piled high with reams of economic reports and statistics....and pretending to know what it all means:p :p :p
  9. Hurry hurry quick, maybe they can make up for all yesterdays losses before the market opens hurry hurry.
  10. Of course, but my concern is the discrepancy in numbers. It's like a couple go to the Bahamas and they return with one saying it was freezing and the other saying it was too hot. WTF?! It's not that there was a mild discrepancy, this was a huge polarization of the statistic.

    I don't need an explanation about revisions or the bullshit in those numbers. Just curious how numbers can be so differently interpreted.
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