Looks like Ann has wandered off the Trump reservation

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  1. Ann Coulter blasts Trump as a ‘lazy and incompetent lunatic’ in latest angry tirade

    Ann Coulter, an infamously estranged backer of President Donald Trump, is continuing to hammer the president over his inability to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

    During an interview with Yahoo News’ Mike Isikoff, Coulter admitted that Trump was very bad at being president while also suggesting that he might not be all there mentally.

    “We put this lunatic in the White House for one reason,” said Coulter of Trump and the border wall.

    The right-wing pundit also described Trump as “lazy and incompetent,” but she predicted that he would eventually decide to build his border wall via executive action even if Congress refused to fund it.

    What’s more, Coulter believes that Trump doesn’t even have to declare a national emergency — rather, he can use his powers as commander-in-chief to simply order the military to construct it.

    “I think Trump is gonna do that,” Coulter predicted. “I think he’s finally going to pull that pocket Constitution out of his lapel pocket and [say], ‘Oh my gosh, I’m the president. This is great.'”

    Harvard Law School professor Lawrence Tribe, however, immediately shot down Coulter’s claims that the president could order the wall built without congressional authorization.

    “Inherent presidential power as commander-in-chief doesn’t give Trump the power of the purse,” he wrote on Twitter. “We fought a revolution to end such power.”
  2. She is making sure Trump understands we didn't vote for him because we were impressed with him or like him. He was hired to do a job involving building a large wall. He was the only applicant for that particular job, so it wasn't like we had a lot of alternatives. The fact that the media hated him was a bonus and still is, but this is beginning to look like one of those situations where you sign a contract with a contractor, then nothing happens for months.
  3. TJustice


    Trump got rolled by Ryan and McConnell.
    I don't expect much more out of his administration.
    It is a shame.
    Just as I could not believe 900 democrats were willing to lose their career to Obamacare instead of single payer.... I still can't believe so many Republicans were willing to follow Ryan out the door and screw the voters and Trump on so many issues.

    The private sector payouts must be huge.
  4. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

    If he had told them wall before tax cuts for the rich yall would have the wall.Dont need to be a great negotiator to know that.
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    The sooner Trump steers the conversation away from these lunatics and flip flops on the wall, the better we are.

  6. He was hired to do a job that Mexico would pay for. I find that sad that so many people bought into it and chanted it and now they are acting all hurt and confused....
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    Never really cared much for this Ann Coulter. What exactly has she ever done that I am supposed to respect? She is a Kardashian of political commentary, she is famous for being famous.

    We need wash our hands clean of these kind of people.
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  8. We find something to agree on :)
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    I have been critical of her for some time now. I have the posts to prove it. I just dont know what the attraction is.
  10. She has the courage to write what people know is true but are intimidated from saying. Plus, she writes with style and humor, traits that are utterly absent from MSM op-eds.
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