Looks Like All The News Shows Recession Over

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  1. WOW, all the news on most financial sites and in the Journal, (Except FT which is what I subscribe to) show positive headlines and say the data is good.

    On a turn of a dime, two weeks ago..when the RECESSION IS OVER comment hit the media, things turned fast.

    It's time to ring in the Bull and party@!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The witch is DEAD!:D
  2. Why don't you just analyze the data for yourself and come to your own conclusion? The media will print whatever they think it is the public wants to read. The articles they print are irrelevant to us as traders/investors. You should know this by now.
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    Doomsday is coming! My forecast shows S&P 500 bottom around 450-550 before spring 2011
  4. I believe you missed the sarcasm in his post...
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    The liberal media is looking under every rock they can for some hint of good news that they can spin so they can try to influence the November election results in the dumbocrats favor.

    Gotta love the "accurate" data the media puts out in order to 'try' to keep their liberal idiot friends in office. This is nothing but a pure political play.
  6. Looks like consumers aren't swallowing all the snake oil/Kool-Aid.

    Conference Board Consumer Confidence:

    This Morning's Reading:

    Expected Reading:

    Last Reading:
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    Wait 'til Friday.
  8. http://www.cnbc.com/id/39398808

    MK...bingo! Sarcasim!

    Good post as well. Looks like you found the indicator that say's it all, IMHO.

    I don't think the Amercian people are buying the Headlines.

    As far as, looking at data...

    I'm in the world of Private Equity. I deal with money around the world.
    I just got off a conference call with Cyprus and Italy.

    I don't have to "Crunch" data. I live it realtime. I have a pulse on the world.

    And i agree with, wait til friday
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    The media was reporting the findings of the National Bureau of Economic Research. I don't see evidence of some vast liberal conspiracy
  10. The media reports what it wants to report. There are hundreds of stories they can choose from at any given time. If you don't think there's any "selection bias" in what they report/emphasize, you really don't understand how it works.
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