Looks like all the drugs making Rush paranoid

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  1. (Big fat tub of flatulent goo is afraid to travel for fear of being "framed." This from the guy who defends Bush spying on Americans...What a bloody putz)


    Rush Limbaugh discussed his airport incident, where custom officials discovered Viagra in his belongings, on his radio talk show this afternoon. Announcing that he cancelled an August golf trip in Spain, Limbaugh added that he will not be making any trips soon because he does not want to put himself in the “position of being framed”:

    LIMBAUGH: I know I’m going to offend some of you customs people out there with what I’m going to say next, I know most of you … In fact this was the first one I’ve ever encountered, like this, but it takes one time and I’ve got red flags up, and I’m not going to put myself in the position of being framed.
  2. But I thought he <b>wanted</b> the government to come down hard on 'white junkies'.


    He should be <b>thrilled</b>- He was given exactly what he asked for.
  3. Addicts of all kinds - including alcoholics - can probably best relate to Rush's problem.