Looks like a market break out brewing

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  1. Looks like a break out happening premarket to me:
  2. Well, to the market, not me personally.
  3. kxvid


    brilliant analysis
  4. Just because he didnt tell you how he came to this conclusion it doesn't mean it's not a brilliant analysis.

    A few more key movements in this market and I am all ween babyyy, in this breakout that is.
  5. I gues the analysis was in the picture there. It looked like we were breaking over resistance in a fairly important area. We could have been confirming a doulbe top and kissing off the resistance line, but instead we're showing strength and breaking through it, we've had quite a bit of follow through already as well.

    Keep in mind I'm a paper trading newbie, so take it easy on me please.:D
  6. Futures are surging as well as oil. The dollar is crashing. The dow should retest 14000 within 13 or so months because nothing changed with regard to the us economy between now and june 2007. Obama not pulling outof iraq and more tax cuts. Buy all dips. The only recession is a fake media generated one, and a non credit crunch. I am really serial .
  7. I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not.
  8. You mean in GOLD....right? :cool:

    In the ES I just sold some 878.50's and up. :)
  9. Bad idea. The trend is up. All bad news priced into the market.
  10. ^ He's right.
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