looks like a decent short from here

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    stop put at good old high of the day.
  2. Gold is gonna correct. Might as well go long on equities.
  3. I think after the Bernank is the short. We may hit 1250 before we
  4. wildshoe


    the markets have become as backwards as the politics that moves them

    somethings gotta give in the next couple years
  5. I have stopped looking at the fundamental side of things, and am strictly focusing on the setups that the charts give me. I used to have CNBC on while I watched the market, and found that it led to nothing but confusion as I tried to figure out whether good news was good or bad, and vice-versa.

    Now I am of the belief that the action is controlled by a small group of investors/companies with more capital than the GDP of most nations, and it is up to me to watch the price action for directional signals.

    The more I learn, the less I know. Or in the words of singer Jackson Browne, "I'm gonna be a happy idiot, and struggle for the legal tender..."
  6. gonna be short squeezed
  7. Hope someone makes some money :D
  8. Dios mio, tu eres el diablo!!!

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