Looking XTRADER XTAPI C# complete automated trading system sample.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm looking XTRADER XTAPI C# complete automated trading system sample.
    On TT dev. web site I have found only some samples relates with automated trading, but not complete solution.
    I need sample of working automated trading system with order handling etc ...

    Please, if you have something (sure without logic) could you share it with me?

    Thank you.

    PM me, please.

  2. seanfinn


    Hello F.M,

    We do not provide a complete automated trading solution as sample code. However, we do provide samples that demonstrate how to subscribe for prices, samples on how to place orders, samples on receiving and processing fill records, and market exploring samples.

    Additionally, there is a comprehensive XTAPI Tutorial available from the DevNet website. This tutorial guides the reader through creating a C# Form application that supports Drag and Drop from X_TRADER, displays full market depth, and allows order submission as well as other XTAPI functionality. The downloadable package includes the tutorial text as well as a Visual Studio solution for each chapter's functionality up to that point.

    The XTAPI Tutorial is available from the DevNet website, in the Document Downloads page under the X_TRADER API section.

    Good luck,

    Sean Finn
    Business Analyst
    Automated Trading Group
    Trading Technologies, Inc
  3. rosy2


    i have one for sale. and a framework for sale. all c# XTAPI
  4. 2 Sean: Thank you for your advice. After 4 days of development i have made some draft. But I have not added multi threading still to my system. This is in synchronous. May be this is not so bad.

    One question: Some time info about CurrentPosition & PL delay on XTAPI startup. Why? And how it's possible reset all prev. sent and executed orders for start sim from clear list?

    2 rosy2: Could you PM me? If your model included multi threading and extensive order's play we can talk about order your source code.

  5. Hi Sean,

    Could you tell me if TT charge for use of the API?