looking to work with other traders/coders

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  1. Jeffro72


    I'm looking to work with and bounce ideas between other like-minded traders/coders. In person, via email, skype, etc.

    Specifically looking for those who have been diligently coding, testing, backtesting, etc. for a while, with an end goal of an mechanical/automated trading system (not specifically HFT, though it's not out of the picture).

    Doesn't matter at this time if you are profitable or not, just dedicated, hard working, understand coding, and have a genuine interest in developing a solid system, and willing to work with others with the same specs.

    Personally, I've been trading/coding/testing full-time the past 3 years (sometimes 16 hours per day), and part time for many years before that, with my own solid system, and looking to connect with others with a similar background.

  2. I personally stopped,oh god,finally, this year...Good luck!
  3. Jeffro72


    Yea, it's eating up a good chunk of my day. Glad you were able to figure it out... if that's what happened.
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  4. gkishot


    Are you willing to share your strategy with others?
  5. Jeffro72


    To others who are interested in working as a team, yes.
  6. gkishot


    What do you expect to get in return?
  7. Jeffro72


    Different perspectives. Mutual assistance. Coding help.
  8. Sprout


    What are you writing within?
  9. A little advice if i may.You`ll eventually reduce your coding to a couple of lines.Don`t waste your precious time.
  10. fan27


    Sounds good Jeff! I am currently building a machine learning backtest platform from the ground up written in Go. It's a very fun project! What is your system written in?

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