Looking to upgrade, are these compatible?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by jrlvnv, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. jrlvnv


    Have a XP system that is about 7 years old. Looking to change out the Motherboard, video card, memory, and CPU with these





    Total is $915. Looking to get windows 7 so now I am over 1000.

    Do you guys think I am better off just switching out those parts or going to best buy and buying something "similar" like


    Or if you have another idea I am open for suggestions. Computer is for trading and gaming. Nothing too serious in the gaming but needs to support the new Star Wars Old Republic :)
  2. I would also buy a new drive for your OS. Can't see having all that new cool stuff and some old clunky drive.
  3. You're replacing all but the case and power supply... effectively buying a new computer.

    For $1000-ish range...
    1. If you're not going to BIY, check out ibuypower.com as a reference for price. If you're going to trade with >2 monitors, the mobo is important.... something with X58, P67, or Z68 chipset and at least 2 PCIEx16 slots (nearly all will).

    2. Keep abreast of good deals on Dell's Outlet site... specifically for Precision T3500, ONLY... no other models. (Yesterday they had one with Xeon W3530 CPU... and excellent trading machine... for $599.) For gaming, choose a video card with enough horsepower.

    3. Don't bother going to Best Buy. Unlikely they will have anything good for trading... or if they do, it will be an overpriced gaming machine.
  4. you must be joking. buy 100% new and keep your old one as a backup.

    swapping out parts is lameness.