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  1. I am Series 7 and Series 66 licensed. I started working phones at Van Kampen from April 20001- Novemeber 2001. At Van Kampen, obtained Series 6 and failed Series 63 on first attempt on day I got laid off. I was unemployed from November 2001-April 2002. Working as broker intern until the end of this month. Obtained Series 7 on June 26 and Series 66 on the 8th of this month. Played Yahoo Finance's Investment Challenge regularly from August 2000-March 2001 when contest was shut down. In January 2001, I turned $100, 000 in Yahoo money into $225,000 over two week period rising to number 2 out of forty thousand people at one time. Contest was long-only, qoutes delayed 15 minutes, trades delayed 30. Regular reader of thestreet.com/realmoney.com. Watch CNBC premarket and pull up real time watch list on Datek. Still paper trade. I have applied to Domestic, Worldco, ETG, Heartland, Innovative, First New York, etc. any suggestions?
  2. wtf 100 views and no ideas from you people? btw, i finally heard back from innovative today they might be able to start me out with as little as $7k but i'm skeptical of them thanks to the informative reviews i've read on this site. i have an interview tomorrow for a trader job with koch industries.
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    what type of position at koch
  4. kochcaptialmarkets.com
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    i'm only familar with the koch that trades deriavitives...i'm actually a ta for a commodiites desk...is this what the position is for?
  6. i'm not too terribly familiar with them myself lol responded to their ad on monster and hotjobs from their website it seems mostly commodities and some equities