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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by theory280, May 26, 2007.

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    i'm in my third year of trading now and making about $20k/mo, trading near 1million shares/mo. buying power around 500k on 4:1 margin. max shares set at 5k per trade. I have no cap contribution, am being charged 0.006c/share with 80% payout. no desk fees, but I have to pay for market data and reuters service.

    i am looking to trade at a REPUTABLE firm willing to offer 100% payout with 0.003c/share or thereabouts, no desk fees and free software service. i am not considered a 'big trader' in terms of shares traded, but i am not interested in writing commissions. i know a lot of firms are looking for these tickets. I am looking for a firm that already does volume (has a lot of traders), and therefore isnt so concerned with how much volume i pass but rather on what i can bring to the firm in terms of my trading experience. i want to work on a reliable platform (i hear anvil or lightspeed are among the best), or something as reliable with a good short list. if you're able to recommend a firm here in NYC i'd appreciate it. (also considering firms out in Cali). Thanks.
  2. Anvil and Lightspeed are both very good. Anvil is offered through Assent who I would definetly stay away from because they are notorious for ripping traders off. I would look for an office that uses lightspeed and inquire more with them.
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    Tuco would fit the bill. With $25k down and your numbers you will get the deal you want. They offer Hydra and Lightspeed. PM me if you have questions. This is assuming you will trade remote because they don't have an office in NY.

  4. lol the dude said he was putting no money down. anyone doing 1 mil vol with 25k down trading remote's a fool paying over .002. people have little concept that big shops like tuco doing 100-300 million a month and more vol and being there own broker dealer are .0005 or less per share. so giving even .002 per share on 1 mil vol they're making $1500 per month overide.traders need to wake up and stop letting these big trading houses hose them.
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    You have great writing skiills. Very persuasive.