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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by mp3bu, Sep 18, 2007.

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    background: Graduated in May 07 with a degree in Finance and will receive my MBA this coming May from the same school. I have been playing poker the past 4 years for a very nice living (for a college kid). *Relevence: making many quick decicions, risk/EV calcs, quick math, handling pressure, etc...

    So, I'm interested in learning how to go about trading in Chicago (Note: NYC is NOT an option). I want to work at a office, not from home. I will need a company that offers excellent training. Now, I understand that at a prop firm, you put up a little bit of money (~10K) to trade on their account. How does it work for a pro firm (Am I trading with my own money?). I've read many posts here, and like what many have said about ECHOtrade (good training, put up 50K for ~30:1, decent platform).

    So, should I look into a prop shop or a pro firm (I can only put up 100K max)? What firms should I look at? Any other words of wisdom for the many that have been down this path?