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    I am looking to start a small group (5-7) guys. I have a small office and the equipment. The B/D i use will give 2.50/1000 rate. Must have clean U-4. Anyone interested i am located in the Morris county NJ area.
  2. What happened to the thread you started hitting up on Jersey girl traders?:

    Forums ›› Community Lounge ›› Hook Up ›› Any nice female Traders from Jersey here
    "Just wondering if any nice female traders from Jersey would like to chat, exchange trading ideas, maybe have a drink."

    Are you actually looking to start a small group of GIRLS? You need to learn to separate BUSINESS from PLEASURE :D
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    No reason you can't do both there TZ
  4. what b/d are you using?
  5. I have always just traded with an online broker, what is a U-4?
  6. A record of people you pissed off as an RR/the firms you worked for, never mind!
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