looking to start a hedge fund with someone is experienced in fund raising / mgt side

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  1. jasonjm


    or manage cash for a fund or wealthy investor

    I have been around for a while, have a trading method based on the indexes that nets about 15-20% per year with 10% drawdowns, has been working for 5 years now, and worked as far back as I could test it (1990).

    As to all the smart guys who will say why dont you just trade your own funds, I do, but at 15% - 20% growth rate per annum, it takes a very very long time to build up some serious cash (millions+). And scaling up the leverage is no fun, 30% drawdowns are no good.

    Anyways reply in private or put me on ignore :) (and please dont ask me how it works etc etc, the secret sauce is just that, secret)

    I'm 99.9% sure nothing with come of this post, but - well im bored, time to play some spades.

    Have a good one all.