Looking to start a Global Hedge Fund.

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  1. Good thing I hedged with "virtually" :p

    Lindq, how many traders work there and what kind of AUM?


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  2. no wonder the SEC is trying to clamp down.

    :D :D
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  3. Why do you look at hundreds of emerging managers?

    I know 2 of such traders personally but hey are not frequent posters.
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  4. I consult for some institutional investors that invest in managed accounts. Our ideal candidates are quality emerging managers that we can help grow to capacity over time. It's up to me to find and do the due diligence on them.
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  5. How do you find them? What makes for a quality emerging manager?
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  6. Yeah...and if you've seen some of their yearly performance...you wouldnt want to be in their funds....a certain unnamed billionaires private fund was down 66% a few years ago I recall...good thing their private and no one knows about this.
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  7. Typically found in the databases or through word of mouth. I look at a lot of guys that get referred to me from other managers and friends in the industry.

    The term "quality" is obviously subjective, but for my purposes it relates to the managers experience and track record, the logic of their strategy, volatility, money management, etc.. They also have to fit into the correct profile for us to make an allocation, which I'm not going to go into.

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