Looking to start a Global Hedge Fund.

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    I am looking to make contact with other hedge fund managers.

    I am currently trading for a private hedge fund and I am very interested in talking to others who are considering or have launched a registered hedge fund In the past.

    Is there anyone that has had experiance in this field?
  2. You've come to the right place. This board is filled to the brim with experienced hedge fund managers :D
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  4. i do - pm me if your serious...
  5. Saying that you work for a "private hedge fund" generally means that you trade your own account. Feel free to prove me wrong. You can PM me if you actually have a track record.

  6. It means a Hedge Fund not open to outside money. Only run for a particular institution, individual etc.

    Michael Dell has a private Hedge Fund... so do some of the other MSFT billionaires.
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    Can the OP please explain what 'private hedge fund' means in his case.
  8. Here is my understanding:

    1. Public HF (Most common type).

    2. Private HF.

    3. Personal HF.

    4. Retail HF.

    5. Listed Public HF.

    6. Listed Retail HF.
  9. Trust me....I look at and analyze hundreds of emerging managers. When a trader says that they are working for a private fund, it typically means they are trading their own account (usually in their solely owned LLC) or they work for a prop group that advertises themselves as a "private hedge fund" to recruit traders.

    What you're saying is true, but it's far from typical and I can virtually guarantee you that none of the traders that work for one wealthy individual's fund are on ET. Also, many of the "private funds" that you are speaking of will open to outside capital if their performance is good....either as a FoF's, or to collect 2/20 for what they are already doing.

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    I do.

    So much for virtual guarantees...about anything.
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