Looking to start a forex firm who gives the best pip rebates

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by blufftrader, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Iv been offered from $8 for every 100k traded to 1 pip rebate . Are there any forex brokers who offer better deals for an IB your welcome to pm me or post on the thread thanks
  2. JayS


    Getting tuff for anyone to offer more that 1 pip rebate on the majors. Most will give you 1.5-2 on crosses. Great business if your good at selling & marketing. Had a ib a few yrs back, its getting harder and harder on them everyday.
  3. When you say 1 pip rebate that differs from every pair your not gonna make $10 dollars off ever 100k trading on every pair or is it a fixed rate does it also depend on your groups volume getting 2 pips or 2 1/2 thank you.
  4. Alikosan

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    Eveything depends on spread.
    If eur/usd is 1 pips nobody will pay you even 0.25 pips.

    Or you can make it 5 pips and get 3 pips back.
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