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    I am looking for accompished trader(s) in the Philadelphia Area. The optimal situation would be I supply the capital and form a relationship with traders who would help/teach and discuss new opportunities along the way.

    The reason I am putting this out there, is because I do not have the time to teach myself to trade and I have had a passion for the markets for nearly 2 decades. Why re-invent the wheel? If someone needs capital and is geographically close tro where I am, it could be a great thing.

    I am open to all discussions about how to divy up wins/losses adn also how the relationship would work/progress.

    Looking forward to hearing from anyone who shows an interest. Thanks.
  2. how have you satisfied this "passion"

    reading Barrons ? doing charts at home?

    have you ever traded stocks ?

    lets say you have allocated a certain percent

    of risk capital for speculation ...

    what are your goals here ?

    to understand how daytraders trade ?

    to do this someday on your own?

    good luck

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    Hi Setharb:

    My passion comes from watching the markets since I was approx. 18, I am now 39. I have limited experience trading Options, Equities, etc...I am looking to team up with someone locally and kick ideas around about trading systems, etc..

    I am open to all discussions as it relates to how this relationship will evolve. Basically I am just an average guy who is sick of his day to day life and realizes that I am not getting any younger. The information, here on Elitetrader, seems to be a bit over my head, however I have a decent ability to learn and, more importantly a desire to succeed.

    There doesn't seem to be alot of people in the Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs who are trading remotely (I mostly see people from NYC, Chicago, FL, etc). I am just trying to find local people who wouldn't mind discussing trading/concepts and again putting up some capital if the fit is right (I am sure there are some talented people out there that are limited by funds and maybe we can match up)...

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    in another words, you are looking for trading coach with proven eye-popping track records, don't limit yourself to physical area with today conference technology, that guy could be anywhere and the upside is you don't even have to smell his breath.
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    Hi Nkhoi:

    I guess you are sorta correct. I have been in IT/IT Sales for 15 years, so I know that there are no technology limitations, however when it comes to putting up my hard earned money, I am not about to sponsor someone in LA when I am on the East Coast...

    As it relates to "eye-popping" track records...I am looking for an education and camaraderie as it relates to trading not 50% returns....10% and the education would be nice...

  6. would you at least hint at how much capital you're planning to potentially contribute? just to get an idea... thanks
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    Hi Hedgeyourbets:

    I am not an eccentric millionaire and I am not a penniless fool...I have this request out there to get some decent reaction...So somewhere between penniless and a million would be about right....

    Again, this is not about the money for me, it is about developing a local relationship with like-minded individuals. If I put up $10K and someone is doing 2-3%/month, why not shove a little more in. If after 6 months I develop a friendship with this person, and, most importantly, I can trust this person, then I would put up additional monies...

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    I know it is common counterspy to put up your money first then ask question later I did that and it burned me to crisp, you better off request for couple of months of observation in real time to see whether or not you want to go with that particular trading method with that personality, watching and asking more question is only way, yes, at least a couple of months not weeks.
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    Hi nkhoi:

    Your point(s) are very well taken...Thanks...

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    I don't think you are going to find what you are looking for here. Any trader that has anything of value is not going to share it with anyone for any price. The only guys that are going to PM you are guys who have blown out and need money and are going to tell you a wonderful story of how great they are and how they can help you and teach you. I know this is probably not what you wanted to hear but I'm just calling a spade a spade.
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