looking to short CME

Discussion in 'Trading' started by iceman1, Jun 10, 2005.

CME is ripe to short

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  1. anyone else stalking this one? Can't do it during triple witch expiry... while its in manipulation mode..

    ... but thereafter I'm gonna look to enter ITM puts.
  2. DTM


    Still looks strong to me.
  3. Ha! What a joke! a rubberbird wannabee! ET'ers know that only the bird can forecast for sure when it's selling time.

    The ONLY time CME was a good short was EXACTLY the day that I started the thread "watch CME drop on tuesday":

  4. cmk


    It is amazing that people hear someone call in on Cramers show and ask about a stock, and if Cramer gets all butt hurt and pushes his bear button and makes some noise people want to short it right away.

    I just started down at the floor of the exchange and the things CME is doing with the Globex platform and new trading products I see no reason that earnings will continue to grow and trading volume will continue to increase.
  5. I think you're right... it will probably go up forever.... !!
  6. ok... expiry action.

    I am going to start scaling into puts today...

    ... perhaps it makes more "sense" to get into calls since trend is up; but over the summer... IF it's like a typical recent summer trading cycle... I think it sells off... as things slow down.

    let's see what happens.
  7. come on DOWN... lets see a 250.50 close.
  8. going dooowwwmnnnn? maybe... courtesy of JP Morgan, or the triple witch. Hmmmmm..... think I'll ring the regsister if it doesn't pop back up, immediately!
  9. unfkingreal... !!!

    wow.... BRING BACK the good old days. I couldn't even get my orders entered to close some of my puts and sell some options for credit at 230... couldn't even click/enter orders in different accounts before they buy/cover this 250 DOLLAR stock back into the gap...

    now I gotta see if it will head back to 245 later today, which is my target... but what's (more) likely is a 250 expiry pin.

    well at least all my SOX calls look to expire worthless
  10. CME is strong ... the odds favor being on the long side.
    #10     Jun 14, 2005