Looking to share/join/start and office in ITALIA!!

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by John47, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. John47


    Hello fellows,

    I am an order book scalper/CME member, I've been either a backed or independent trader since college (5 yrs, age 28 now). I specialize in interest rate futures/spreads but have had experience in equities as well. I have been fortunate to learn from great mentors and have been able to make a great living from the markets, I've been lucky enough to make trading my career.

    Because I am still young enough and single, I am considering spending perhaps a year or so in Italy. I'd like to connect with some traders in Italy. Ideally I would love to join an office of traders similar to myself to share costs (news, connection, etc). I'd rather not go prop because I don't need backed and don't want to split...but if there are no other options I'd consider it.

    So if anyone from Italy has an office with an opening, or knows of one, or would like to start one, PM me! Any connections or info would be appreciated.
  2. A firm called ''enigma trading services'' used to be in milano, i think they were prop/backed but I have a hard time imagining that they'd turn down a desk/clearing offer. I haven't heard anything about them since 08, so I don't know if they are still around.

  3. John47


    I see...thanks a lot for the info. I found an email address for them online and requested info...hopefully I'll hear something back.

    No traders already in Italy that want to share an office??
  4. onava


    why not do it from zurich,.. lots of traders and italy is only 2 hours by train.

    send me a pvt message if you want to know more