Looking to Scan Stocks based on Weekly Volume

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    I'm tirelessly searching for an INEXPENSIVE/FREE Stock Scanner where I can, for example, request a print out of all Nasdaq stocks, between $1-$20 who's most recent Weekly Volume is X% greater than it's X Week Average Volume..or is on par, this week, to blow away it's usual weekly average

    So, if a stock averages 5 million shares on a WEEKLY basis, I want to find a program that will notify me if it does 10 million on any particular week..Even better, alert me midweek that it's already at 100% of it's WEEKLY average volume. I also don't want to have to input symbols or do any "programming"

    Is this too much to ask?

    Please don't recommend Worden or Tradestation..etc..etc. as I'm not looking to spend that much..

    Thanks in advance
  2. Here is one that I heard about the other day.


    I can't figure it out. But if you can then let me know.

  3. jono5900


    Thanks Hodoo, I'll give it a try..lol.

    But is know what you mean as I tried one the other day and you needed a programming degree to set up most of the scans. You'd figure there would be a platform where you drop and drag conditions and just fill in the actual parameters....there's gotta be one somewhere....

    Thanks again and I'll update you when and if I figure it out.
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    Well, that was fast...Hingefire has very basic screens with no ability to select Weekly/Monthly Volume figures

    However, it might be a goldmine for someone else..

    Thanks anyway,

  5. rosy2


    i could do this and have it emailed to you or anyone else who wants it. but not for free.

    PM me if interested


    Check out barchart.com in the market overview section (left side bar) they have some great stock research for FREE
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  8. Bob111



    $26 a month. i've been a QP customer for while.. they have some prebuild scans + you can code your own. superfast, EOD data, update every night,accurate stock lists.there is pretty active yahoo group for this service. here is the code for your scan.

    AATI Percent : 180.007092 Day : 09/25/2007
    AIRN Percent : 138.732606 Day : 09/25/2007
    ARGN Percent : 114.417501 Day : 09/25/2007
    ASTI Percent : 172.7314 Day : 09/25/2007
    BCRX Percent : 484.453768 Day : 09/25/2007
    BRLC Percent : 123.411336 Day : 09/25/2007
    CENT Percent : 151.472601 Day : 09/25/2007
    CPSL Percent : 414.914311 Day : 09/25/2007
    CRDC Percent : 119.592094 Day : 09/25/2007
    CTDC Percent : 275.471311 Day : 09/25/2007
    DEPO Percent : 222.9641 Day : 09/25/2007
    ETFC Percent : 181.901161 Day : 09/25/2007
    FALC Percent : 116.474981 Day : 09/25/2007
    GNTA Percent : 124.398584 Day : 09/25/2007
    ICOC Percent : 189.995056 Day : 09/25/2007
    IDEV Percent : 219.654935 Day : 09/25/2007
    INSP Percent : 266.016203 Day : 09/25/2007
    IRBT Percent : 262.185996 Day : 09/25/2007
    LIOX Percent : 125.970045 Day : 09/25/2007
    MKSI Percent : 125.534327 Day : 09/25/2007
    NEXC Percent : 219.488052 Day : 09/25/2007
    OPTM Percent : 174.762023 Day : 09/25/2007
    RNVS Percent : 234.573659 Day : 09/25/2007
    SCON Percent : 164.023437 Day : 09/25/2007
    SHOO Percent : 199.433393 Day : 09/25/2007
    SRVY Percent : 136.672899 Day : 09/25/2007
    TARR Percent : 110.229248 Day : 09/25/2007
    TGIC Percent : 149.917045 Day : 09/25/2007
    TOPP Percent : 150.42141 Day : 09/25/2007
    XING Percent : 120.259405 Day : 09/25/2007
    ZVUE Percent : 736.319194 Day : 09/25/2007

    Exchange = NASDAQ;
    float VolPerc;
    Float VolReg;


    if VolReg> 0 then

    if VolReg> 1000000 and Close(0) >1 and close(0)<20 and VolPerc > 100 then

    println symbol, " Percent : ",VolPerc, " Day : ",Date(0);


    shows nasdaq stocks,where volume >100% over 30 week average and price between 1 and 20$
    took me 3 min :D
  9. jono5900


    I want to thank those who gave suggestions and links. Bob, I really appreciate your taking the time to create and display the code.

    That being said, it appears that your code is scanning for stocks who's volume for a particular day is X% greater than it's 30 week average.

    I want to be able to run a scan, at the end of the week, and have it spit out those stocks who's weekly volume was X % greater than it's 10, 20 or 30 week average..big difference.

    Also, it would be great to be able to create a watchlist and monitor it's volume against it's weekly volume and have a column that tally's what % of it's weekly volume it's done so far.

    Anyway, I do appreciate the feedback and hopefully I'll find a program that can accommodate this.

  10. Bob111


    i just pick one of QP scans for volume spike and change settings from daily to weekly. i did not check the calculations, just want to show you that this is very simple and easy to do. it's also very simple to change settings in this scan. imo EOD daily or weekly-no big deal at all with QP. even real time, if you don't need up to second volume update is no biggie with something like yahoo real time subscription(around $11-13 bucks a month, but some programming will be required).
    i doubt, that you will be able to find something like this for free. it will be either expensive or not flexible enough for you.
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