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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by stock777, Nov 20, 2002.

  1. I've been using Cybertrader Pro for some time. They keep jacking up the fees , and since I rarely trade with them , $250 a month for software that really hasn't been updated significantly in years is a bit much.

    You do get a DJ news feed, (lame in that there's no way to have it scan for keywords automatically, and the b*astards even made a cut and paste impossible)

    In their favor , the feed is fast and reliable.

    The question is, who to replace them with. Looking at Esignal.

    Any suggestions or caveats would be welcome.
  2. Are you looking for another platform to execute through or just something for charts, level II, news etc.

    If the later you should check out FA, even the thin product has kick ass charts, filters, newsfeed, etc. If you want something to execute through as well then the decision is a bit harder.
  3. This is for data only, as I use IB for execution. Cyber is ok as an execution backup, but frankly, in two years I have never had to use them once for that purpose. Better to put the 25k in my IB account.

    PS, What's FA?
  4. Sorry, FA is First Alert.

    In general you get a lot of firms supplementing their order entry platforms with First Alert or even Realtick these days because traders need more robust charts and tools than some platforms provide.

    If execution is not an issue then IMO FA is probably the best solution for ya.


  5. I didn't know you could use Cybertrader to excute except through Schwab. :confused:
  6. You serious chasinfla?

    You have direct routing to all ecns on Naz, my understanding is that NYSE directed orders get routed to Schwab, but you can post on ARCA/ISLD as well.
  7. BCE


    Hi, stock777
    I've used CyberTrader and eSignal for the last few years but I do my trading with another broker now. Just switched and am using RealTick 7.6 which costs slightly more than CyberT. What you can do is move your CyberTrader account to the web based platform, which is free, thus avoiding the software fee or just drop it all together. They did lower their commissions $2 per trade now so if you trade 50 or more times a month it makes up for the extra $50 they added to the fees.
    And eSignal made a huge leap forward recently by upgrading all their charts which are really very nice now. Lots of studies and indicators to choose from. It's about $79 a month now, I think, if you pay for the year in advance. Plus their data feed is very reliable. And they have add-on options of news, etc. And the other thing is, you can trade right out of eSignal now if you have an account with IB.
    http://www.esignal.com/esignal/features/default.asp :)
    You can demo it free for 30 days.
  8. I use gr8trade and it works pretty good. There are issues with any program but I avoid all the fees by working with an LLC. It is all a question of how much you trade.